Hands Free Kits

parrot mki9200_hands_free_kitWalk n Talk offers a full and comprehensive service with regards to the supply, advice, installation and maintenance of hard-wired permanently fitted hands-free car kits.

Whether you opt for the bluetooth option, with or without display screen, colour screen, I-Pod attachments, the full cradle kit, with radio muting and steering wheel controls, Walk n Talk will be able to meet your needs.

At your home, work or even on site, Walk n Talk will send our own highly experienced and qualified engineers to you.

All work is guaranteed and any make/model of car, van or truck can be catered for.

We don't need to tell any of you how dangerous it is to drive whilst holding a mobile phone.

Everybody nows that they are doing the wrong thing when they're on the phone at the wheel their car.

You can't possibly be in full control of your vehicle if you are holding a phone and having a conversation.
No matter how good a driver you think you are.

It is thought to be even more dangerous than driving under the influence of drink or drugs in some cases and it should plain and simple just not happen.
Aside from the penalty points now imposed and heavy fines which will only increase in time as more and more cases are being reported, we owe it to pedestrians and other road users to have our wits about us, give driving our full attention and cut out the risk of fatal accidents due to negligence whilst driving and holding our mobile phones.

If it is absolutely essential to use your phone whilst driving in your car, you must only do this with a proper hands-free kit; be it a bluetooth headset or a fully fitted hands-free kit. This will ensure you are able to have both hands on the wheel, enabling more control and concentration on what you're doing. You can also have a more relaxed conversation and that would mean a more relaxed person behind the wheel which is good for everyone.

As an employer, you are responsible for all your drivers to have a fully functional hands-free kit of some sort if you expect them to answer the phone whilst drving for you. You could be responsible for anything that happens to that driver if you fail to do so if anything happens to him/her whilst in your company vehicle.

Hands-free kits are no longer an expensive entity and there are many different options available.

Much less expensive than fines, losing your licence and consequently your job, or causing a terrible or fatal accident; ruining other people's as well as your own life.

Is it worth it?