For new business, upgrades/renewals, or if it's just adjustments or enhancements to your tariff; we can help with everything. Use our knowledge and expertise to talk to your Service Providers and work out what's more beneficial for you.

Bespoke Deals
For the larger of our accounts, with several users, we have negotiated some 'tailor made' bespoke deals directly with the networks and their various service providers.

In some cases it is more effective for us to act on your behalf, and use our experience and knowledge of the market and industry and go to the networks direct and 'bash out' the best deal possible playing the networks and providers against each other to ensure the best deal possible for you.

Our background knowledge and experience of this industry allows us to have a significant advantage in doing this.

For this we charge a initial consulting fee or we can continue to manage your account for you for the duration of your term.

For more details, contact Martin Bohdjalian and he will be pleased to give you more information.